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Old Floors Made New

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You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get the gorgeous hardwood floor of your dreams. In business since 1987, Floor Works of Richmond, MA will give you a beautiful, durable hardwood floor custom designed to your specifications at a price that fits your budget.


Whether the floor is for your home or business, our seasoned team will take care of the whole process, from removal of your existing floor to final cleanup. Rest easy knowing that our team will work one-on-one with you every step of the way to ensure your flooring project is a success.

Affordable, Durable Hardwood Flooring

  •  Remove old flooring

  •  Fix or replace subflooring

  •  Install or replace underlayment

  •  Nail down or affix new flooring

  •  Low dust sanding

  •  Apply finish and coating

  •  Design custom borders, inlays, medallions, and patterns

Hardwood Installation Process

Can't find the time to buy that new hardwood floor? Don't worry! Weekend and evening hours are available by appointment.

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