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wood flooring samples
wood samples

Having trouble choosing the best wood species for your new hardwood floor? Consult with the experts at Floor Works of Richmond, MA to make sure that you choose a wood species that's perfect for your home.


With more than 25 years of experience, our seasoned staff will help you understand the properties of different wood species to ensure that you find a type of wood that fits the needs of your project.

Discover The Best Wood For Your Floor

  •  White oak

  •  Red oak

  •  Ash

  •  Maple

  •  Mahogany

  •  Cherry

Wood Species

Don't have time to explore the different species of wood? No problem! Weekend and evening hours are available by appointment.

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  •  Birch

  •  Walnut

  •  Bamboo

  •  Heart pine

  •  Cypress

  •  Hickory