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Old Floors Made New

floor sanding

Bring your old hardwood floor back to its original beauty with dust-reduced sanding from Floor Works of Richmond, MA. You'll get the beautiful hardwood floor you remember with as little sanding dust as possible.


With more than 25 years of experience, our staff will use a powerful dust containment system to evacuate airborne dust and keep the air in your home clean and safe. As the most powerful system in the industry, it will restore your hardwood's beauty without creating a dusty mess!

Dust-Reduced Hardwood Floor Sanding

  •  Use belt and drum sanders

  •  Resurface entire hardwood floor

  •  Get rid of dents and level existing floor

  •  Hook all equipment to vacuums to reduce dust and keep it to a minimum

  •  Vacuum floors, walls, and ceilings

Sanding Procedure

Don't rearrange your busy schedule just to fit in your hardwood floor project. Weekend and evening hours are available by appointment!

FREE flooring consultations are available — call us today!